The Best Apps for Editing Game Footage

game-1232879_640Gaming videos are all the rage! Who doesn’t want to share their gaming experiences? So many people are having amazing experiences on games as the world of gaming becomes more and more advanced. Gaming youtubers are some of the most popular online personalities, and the temptation of being the next Pewdiepie or other online celeb is all too tempting. Plus, even if you can’t make it your career you can share your own gaming commentaries and videos with others.

You may have gone out and invested in an Xbox one capture card or a PS4 capture card and want to do something with the footage. The likelihood is that this footage will have either been captured directly to a card such as an SD card or will be on your computer. If you are a mac user, your computer will probably have come with iMovie which can be used for some basic editing and does a pretty decent job, but some people find the interface a little bit clunky and hard to use. If you want to do anything advanced with your videos it may not have the features to do so. iMovie can also be used on other devices such as iPads. Being able to edit on the go is a big plus point.

If you’re a windows user then software such as movie maker will probably have come with your computer and you can edit videos there, it is a decent piece of kit though it does look about 10 years old, and some of the effects are cheesy.

If you have the budget to invest in something called premiere pro which is made by adobe or final cut pro, great for use on a mac, the features are a bit more advanced. In my opinion these are the two go-to pieces of editing software and as well as being better in terms of having professional features they are a little expensive. PC Mag have created a handy list of the best video editing software, and you can just import your videos from your games and get to editing